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Type: Book Location: Lisbon Team: Pedro Campos Costa, Eduardo Costa Pinto

What is the limit of the urban structure? Where are the limits on the landscape? This research is about the prejudices that we have created regarding images of rural and urban life. The Urban space has become a large heterogeneous space without precise physical limits, non territorial (Muñoz, 2008), and non geographic (Sorkin, 2011), marked by daily mobility, dissolution of relationships of proximity, whose scale and complexity make it difficult to read it’s true nature, as witnesses to the abundance of registered settings, in recent decades, as are examples Megalopolis (Gottmann, 1961), 100 Miles City (Sudjic, 1992), Metapolis (Ascher, 1995), Generic City (Koolhaas, 1997), Città Difusa (Indovina, 2001), Sprawltown (Ingerso, 2006). Strangely this urban evidence, which is systematically and across the discourse of territory experts and artists for over a century, does not match the picture we represent and retain the city. In the late twentieth century, Western man's relationship with the "city" testifies a disturbing lack of culture. And it will be necessary abandon archaic imagery from the moment that, as of now, the true city is elsewhere (Corboz, 1994). We have not abandoned the image from the painting of Ambrogio Lorenzetti. The allegory of good government is used as an image and definition of the European city. An iconography that represents what is a limited representation of a city and feudal time. One sees clearly the limit, a wall, a certainly defensive wall, which has determined the inner city (populated, dense) to rural (agricultural fields, scattered, without limit). Overcoming the traditional dichotomy between natural and artifact, enshrined in our Western culture at least since Aristotle, this research is also motivated by the search for new limits in the city, as a "synthetic landscape" (Corner, 2007), crossing facts and points of view of several experts, in search of new urban practices based on the landscape.