Type: Open Competition Location: Lisbon, Portugal Team: : Pedro Campos Costa, Eduardo Costa Pinto, Daniela Figueiredo, Nuno Pereira, Ana Isabel Fernandes, Gonçalo Pacheco, Margarida Ferreira

Bairro da Boavista The proposal aims to create the direct relationship with the forest of Monsanto, through courtyards in-between, denying the actual position of the buildings, actually parallel with Monsanto. This actual position is blocking the views and jeopardizes the ecological continuity of the city. The courtyard buildings are a typology that allows creating this relation to the exterior green space and also provides a comfortable bioclimatic system, which allows the ventilation is possible through those spaces and insolation/shadow can be easily controlled. Each apartment is then provided with an outside space that can be customized. It can be a patio, a garden or even an extension of space for the apartment. The new flexibility of this space is part of the existing strong character of this old neighborhood. The intention was to keep it, giving more freedom and redefining the identity of the former residents.