Christmas Lighting Camoes Square Lisbon

Type: Competition 1st prize Location: Lisbon, Portugal Team: Pedro Campos Costa With the collaboration of : Joana Amaral Craveiro, Marta Aranha, Susana Dimas, Emanuel Diogo, Gonçalo Pacheco e Nuno Pereira Video: ANONYMAGE Vitor Gabriel

Christmas, as if the man cared * * Reference to book “Small is Beautiful” by Ernest Schumacher Christmas is a time of inclusion, the quintessential celebration of all and for all. Despite the tendency for materialism that normally invades Christmas, the essential value of Christmas is richer, the people themselves. Historically there have been reports that the celebrations have a pagan origin, being associated with the winter solstice. But the Catholic celebrations, inclusive and supportive, make this time of year extend beyond religious and political dogma and belief. It is surely the dearest and most widespread celebration throughout the Catholic world. A huge celebration of all for all. Our proposal for Camões Square was to use people as a source of Christmas lighting. They make the party, and as such are a source of energy. Our constructive contribution at a time of crisis is collective and inclusive action, projecting the image of a poetic and symbolic "return" of power to the people, without discrimination. We want to give people the opportunity to be the Christmas lights and to draw and animate the square. This mobile lighting would be temporary, showing the collective will being spread by the movement of people. Light will be scattered giving a feeling of the city as one whole.