Almere Floating Pavillion

Type: Competition 1st prize Location: Almere, Holand Team: Pedro Campos Costa

Weerwater has ruled out the possibility of Almere having a hierarchical and centralised urban structure. In the polder, which had just been drained with considerable effort, they created a lake, removing every possibility of a centralised plan. This lake is the secret, inert, empty center of Almere (Bart Loostsma Archis, 11/99). The importance of Weerwater to Almere’s plan is crucial. The lake is not only an important point in the urban plan of Almere, but also gives an extra quality and a special character. Its emptiness provides the opportunity for a new urban utopia. A new waterscape in the center of Almere. The aim of the project is to use the potential of this area. To act in this waterscape in a way that emphasises the sites specific qualities. A waterscape project that allows the lake to keep its inert secrets and qualities within the urban plan. Canals provide a reference to the history of The Netherlands. Dutch land history is about cutting, draining and pumping water. The Dutch have a profound relation with water, a collective perception of its power and utility, like any other European country. The water has a material and unconscious presence, it’s not only a commodity.