Competition - Convertirse natural

Type: Competition Location: Burgos, Spain Team: Pedro Campos Costa, Eduardo Carvalho, João Parente, Silvia Becchi e Joana Pinheiro

Convert to natural The objective of our proposal is the realisation of a new building with low greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing consumption in the process of construction and future use. We used mostly natural materials that incorporated biodegradable and low energy materials, such as earth, wood and lime. We adopted passive heating, ventilation and water heating from renewable energy sources (solar and biomass). A construction technique that uses no toxic materials or pollutants will be used to construct the walls. Construction processes that drastically reduce transportation and material waste are adopted. The competition also incorporates an exhibition project using the same wood as the construction formwork. The second objective of our proposal is that it is conceptually linked, and committed to, CO2 geological sequestration. It's a question that relates to two issues of particular relevance in contemporary society: technology and sustainability. On one hand, the commitment to capture CO2 raises concerns about the negative impacts that the current energy paradigm of combusting fossil fuels has on releasing global warming gases into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the proposed technological process sustains the hope of the possibility of naturalisation, ie that technology can help us progressively become natural. By replicating natural processes in technology, they become smarter, more efficient and less polluting. It seeks the annulment of technology. It is by adopting this operating mode that you can still see the aura of progress in a technological civilization. The collapse of oil civilization in a catastrophe is not proposed or expected, but we hope and wish that a new civilization based on cleaner energy sources and technologies can be supplanted to become more intelligent.