Exhibition Solar festival

Type: Commission Location: Lisboa, Portugal Team: Pedro Campos Costa, Marta Onofre Curators: Maria João Rodrigues e Pedro Campos Costa Video: HOW – horse on Wheels Rui Gato, Margarida Moura Guedes e Miguel Manso

Today the sustainable use of energy is high on the political agenda, becoming both a social and economic issue. In architecture it is necessary to understand, confront and discuss the various architectural concepts and positions in relation to this theme. Thus we intended to highlight the relationship between architects and professional practice in relation to using energy sustainably. We asked 3 questions to all architects selected to show their work at an exhibition. The questions were: What do you understand by energy sustainability in architecture? How is this theme integrated within your professional practice? How might architecture evolve in relation to sustainability? The idea of the exhibition is to create a space with high ceilings throughout. A space of debate and discussion, without barriers or pre-defined concepts. The large space is of different heights, with two larger zones for video projections of interviews with the architects. This is achieved by populating the ceiling with yellow balloons filled with compressed air.