Group for Radioactive Emergencies

Type: Commission Location: Lisboa, Portugal Team: Pedro Campos Costa, Daniela Figueiredo Client: Portuguese Environmental Agency - Ministry of Environment

The proposal was to design an extension of the APA that reflected the agencies purpose. The building is designed to be more than just a structure, but also an example of the paradigm of adopting materials and systems with low environmental impact and power consumption. Therefore, it was decided that the proposal needed to enable the building to somehow "disappear" in the landscape. Three elements are essential to the concept of this building: rammed earth walls; a courtyard with water; and a roof garden. Rammed earth was used to construct the outer walls of the building. It is material that consists entirely of excavated earth from the construction site itself, and suits all our design principles. The material has many advantages in terms of thermal and humidity control, and has no environmental impact.