Interni MUTATION Salone del mobile Milano

Type: Comission

Location: Milan, Italy Team: Pedro Campos Costa, Daniela Figueiredo, Silvia Bechi and Giulia Castelarin Video: ANONYMAGE Vitor Gabriel Photos: Tommaso Giunchi

A genetic mutation is, by the Greek definition, origin and genesis. This means that the mutation is never imposed, artificial or external to the human being. It is rather natural and fully connected to our essence and human origin. Mutation is unique and involves the continuation of our needs and desires in the world.

The chair was one of the first sophisticated objects imagined by man. After the bench, which is more archaic and functionalist, the chair became synonymous with comfort and power. Its natural mutation was initially for a long chair, known today as “chaise longue”, an invention of the Enlightenment which represented a sign of progress and comfort in the late nineteenth century. Consecutive mutations led to the proliferation of the original gene, with chairs and sofas now sometimes resembling puffs and organic objects. This installation aims to take the oldest gene and cross it with a new one. Where each object alone could be a "long chair" of various shapes serving as a place to sleep, collectively each one can become part of a larger playground. The introduction of cork as a material has been overlooked in construction and design. The fabulous corks allow one to imagine them as a new mutation of the materials for a shade greener.