Stage design - KAFKA

Type: Comission Location: Lisboa, Portugal Team: Pedro Campos Costa With: Light Design and Director Amândio Pinheiro Client: Casa Conveniente e Associação a CAUSA

A theatre play based on two texts by Franz Kafka: A Report to the Academy; and The Great Wall of China. Our approach was to make a stage without figurative images that could relate directly to the text. The concern was to make a structure that could act as a base for the audience’s imagination of the scenes, focussing their attention on the actors and script. The stage design consisted of three rectangular objects filled with different powders to change the smells and colours that the audience experience: flour; pepper; and curry. The boxes were in different positions on the stage, creating different spaces and relationships with the actors. The chromatic abstraction and the smells drive a second layer of perception that helps construct a journey through an imaginary place.