Type: Comission Location: Lisbon, Portugal Team: Pedro Campos Costa, Daniela Figueiredo and Ana Luísa Cunha Mural: Daniel Melin, Chalk applied directly on the wall Photos: Pedro Campos Costa , Daniel Malhão and Olivia Bina

Remade in Portugal is associated with the shop LOW Bairro Alto. The products are created by architects and designers, using materials which include at least 50% recycled products. These products are sourced from pre-consumer recycling, reuse of industrial waste, post-consumer recycling, reuse of packaging waste and domestic waste. In times of crisis and need for change, the concept of LOW - reduce, reuse, recycle - seeks for new ways of enjoying nights out in Bairro Alto. It is intended to be a rendez-vous point where one can purchase and experience environmentally conscious and recycled materials. It is also a place for events, conferences, promotional briefings, dissemination and discussion of issues relating to sustainability within a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The space also acts as a small showroom for the eco-design objects of Remade in Portugal. Bar LOW consists of a large cardboard wall-piece assembled without any gluing along one wall. It assumes multiple functions, from a bench for customers to a bookcase that supports the service of the bar. The organic shape is related to its functionality. The metamorphoses that takes place along its length are made according to the required height as well as the rhythm and spacing of the cardboard plates. The web ceiling screen is made with sisal rope which helps to give a sense of a taller space. The functions of the rooms are distinguished by their chromatic contrast. The bar area is painted black to enhance the presence of the wall-piece. The walls behind the bar and a separate room at the end of the shop are painted in a strong contrasting yellow.