Portuguese pavilion Zaragoza 2008

Type: Competition Location: Zaragoza, Spain Team:  Pedro Campos Costa, Ivan Teixeira, Alessia Allegri With: Exhibition content consulting: Pedro Lourenço, João Pedro and Olivia Bina Exhibition technicalconsulting: Video – Margarida Moura Guedes Sound Design - Rui Gato Light design - Margarida Moura Guedes HOW horse on wheels Graphic design  - Inês maldonado Artist - André Romão Exhibition design – Matilde Meireles Construction - Multilem, Lda Model - MODELAB Marco Galofaro 3d renderings - 4+arquitectos Client: Parque expo SA

The proposal was for the Portuguese Pavillion under their participation in the international exposition of Zagaroza. It intended to be a merge between architectural space, spatial experience, artistic intervention, exposition script, and interactivity. The project set out to design a unique experience that creates a symbiosis between form and content. The design concept was inspired by a formal study of watersheds. The public circulation flows through the floor plan as a simplified diagram of a rivers path, from its source to the mouth. The route is spatially dramatic, 2 meters wide and 6 meters high, and is a journey of discovery and surprise where visitors accumulate information and experiences. The facade is the main vehicle for conveying information about Portugal. It consists of a matrix of dots printed on 6 meter high silver screens. From the bottom of the façade to the height of the main entrance doors (3 meters) the screen is printed with large letters that read “Portugal” out of a matrix of points. Using the same technique in a different shade of silver “green tips” can be read along the façade of the building. This technique allows for a dynamic display that shows all these messages at the same time. The public can interact with the façade by removing badges affixed to the wall throughout the day, which change the look of the facade. Badges are placed on the matrix of silver points in a matrix that extends from ground level to 3 meters high around the entire pavilion. The badges have "green tips" written in silver on top of a graphical form of the Pavilion. As the badges are removed these messages are revealed as a combination of larger silver points on the façade. These badges are essentially merchandise. This project enhances their role by linking them to the façade, allowing the public to interact and take a message home. Marketing and merchandising were not a service specified in the competition brief, and therefore this suggestion would be out of the proposed competition budget, despite having a residual value. The façade design would not be compromised if the badges were not included in the scheme. Some possible examples of "green tips," which should be in Portuguese, Spanish and English love water / respects the water / enjoy water / water save / protect water / buy a bike and use it / walk is cheap and easy / water does not have an owner / private choices, public consequences - think! / walk / act now / we can do it / we are water - we are what we drink / make a difference / why drink bottled water? / check the insulation of your house / save water every time you flush / do you know your water footprint / adapt your garden to climate /