The Sea Building- Extension of the Lisbon Aquarium is a complex challenge. It is about intervening in a consolidated and highly dynamic public space, resolving the relationship with an existing building with a great architectural presence and with a striking image in the imaginary of the inhabitants of Lisbon , a space today qualified as an architectural heritage. The challenge was to create a building that was not simply an isolated architectural piece but that responded to urban problems and dialogued with the existing building without overlapping it.  

Pedro Campos Costa, Ivan Teixeira, Ana Mendes, Duarte Santo, Mário Ferreira, Francisco Lemos, Marta Onofre, Alessia Allegri, Daniela Figueiredo.

Parque Expo, SA. Oceanário de Lisboa, SA

© Daniel Malhão © Radek Bruneck

Lisbon, Portugal

VALMOR AWARD 2011 (Honorable Mention), Lisbon City Council APRIZE 2012, Exposynergy, Triennale de Milano, Milan. Gyeonggi Internacional Ceramix Biennale 2011 (Honorable Mention), Korea Ceramic Foundation, South Korea.