The rehabilitation of the Ozadi hotel building, with 90 rooms, was based on the idea of ​​working on the fusion between the traditional and the contemporary. In the rehabilitation of the entire outdoor area, we built a bar and pool support building which, due to its structure and materiality, created a surprising atmosphere, in relation to the existing tree, the light and the space of wood and concrete. The roof of this new building is geometrically a hyperboloid made of wood, which allows large spans with less material.    

Pedro Campos Costa, Silvia Becchi, Giulia Castelarin, Werner Peruzzo, Nuno Pereira, Ana Isabel Fernandes, Gonçalo Pacheco, Katarzyna Augustyniak, Daniela Figueiredo. Interior Design – Lara Matos and Verónica de Mello

Gracer, SA

© José Campos

Tavira, Portugal

FAD 2015 (Best Iberian Architecture Project), Arquinfad, Barcelona. National Award on Urban Rehabilitation 2015 (Finalist), PNRU, Lisbon City Council