Around the World – José de Guimarães’ Graphic Work The exhibition space for the work of José de Guimarães is an exercise of being present, as if his pieces created a new reality or demanded new spaces. José de Guimarães’ works have in their DNA a spatial script that forces the exhibition space to be an interpreter and to build. The main concept of the exhibition is the journey. It is proposed that this trip around the world is done through an architecture of experiences, space and color. A simple succession of “museum” rooms where there is no beginning or end. A journey without a destination. An invitation to roam around this world.

Exhibition Space: Pedro Campos Costa, Enrica Mazzon, Federica Fortugno, Raquel Martins. Curatorship: Raquel Henriques da Silva

© Duarte Belo

National Library of Portugal

Pedro Campos Costa and Raquel Henriques da Silva