Art installation - TALCUM POWDER

Type: Comission Location: Júlio de Matos Hospital Lisbon, Portugal Team: Pedro Campos Costa, Alessia Allegri, Sofia Afonso, Carmo Stichini - Production Client: Association P28

This project changes ones perception of an urban space through the introduction of a minimal number of elements. The real landscape becomes a new urban nature when these imperceptible elements are introduced. We introduce a new element that blends with the landscape, making it a “real“ new urban nature. The actual space is disfigured, not changed in character. It´s a cosmetic process that changes the appearance, but can we say that we built a new space? The installation consists of a bed of plant leaves covered with talcum powder. It’s located in the exterior garden on the right side of the main entrance. Visually the garden is disfigured, with a new temporary color and smell, and continues to change through the natural effects of weathering.