TWO LINES - book about Portuguese territory

Type: Book Location: Portugal Team: Pedro Campos Costa, Nuno Louro Art photografer: Nuno Cera, Daniel Malhão Graphic Design: R2 Design

70% of the Portuguese population lives along the western coast. Only 30% of the population lives in the countryside along the border with Spain. Two inhabited areas with different ways, different times, rhythms, architecture, landscapes, cultures, different densities and speeds. These two worlds represent two realities and potential problems, both with their own natural anxieties and features. Along the border the territory is populated with images of a time lost, deserted and hopeless. It has a melancholic landscape of concentrated urbanization, populated by an imaginary country which may appeal to tourists seeking natural beauty and cultural and architectural heritage. Along the coast the reality is different, clearly and continuously urbanized, and marked with major road and rail infrastructure. A typical urban landscape. Here are those who are creative and productive, typical of big cities, continuously changing within huge construction efforts. The idea is to show two lines of this parallel reality, its imbalances, its mythic images and fantasies, the inhabitants desires. Challenges, dilemmas and opportunities. We want to do a portrait of the territory, not via satellite, nor analytically. We want to do a portrait of the sensory path by traversing the 715 miles of north to south in two lines with two different itineraries. Displaying these differences from the scale of who runs the country, filling sensations, images, descriptions, inaccuracies, smells and colours. A route of senses, a journey of architects in a diary of images. Blog DUAS LINHAS