Urban Masterplan Plan Loule

Type: Competition, 1st prize Location: Loulé, Portugal Team: Urban design and architecture Carlos Pinto, Pedro Campos Costa , Manuel da Costa Lobo (Consulting Urban management) Margarida Pereira (Consulting retail Urban design) Urban Economy- Paulo Madruga (economy) João Seixas (geography and Urban sociology) Landscape design - João Ferreira Nunes, Carlos Ribas Environment - Anabela Sousa Archeology - João Carlos Albergaria Geology - Maria Roque da Silva Luís Ferreira Hydrology & water quality - Olga Miranda Biology - Luís Gomes Transports and accessibilities - Mário Alves Engineers - Grade Ribeiro (water and sewer) Luís Gonçalves (energy and telecommunications) History and local identity - João Simões Urban law - José Manuel Morgado Comunication Design- Margarida Vieira Client: Câmara Municipal de Loulé

The proposal has three main themes: BE, LIVE and ATTRACT. The current paradigm of strategic spatial planning requires a targeted approach, with the ability to host and adapt to an environment of uncertainty. When defining and characterising urban space we look for solutions that are able to endure through time, beyond just considering options in the present context. We creat a system that amplifies and articulates recent housing developments and areas set for expansion. The new polarities are strategically located within the public space system, structuring the city and main access routes. The intention is to promote activity at supra-local, municipal, regional and national levels through the implementation of new functions and hosting services. By offering access to a broader range of goods and services, green spaces, new recreational areas, culture and sport venues we improve quality of life. In doing so, we achieve a strategic goal of positioning the city of Loulé as a sustainable and attractive urban environment.